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Significant numbers within other religious groups believe that evolution occurred, but was divinely guided. In contrast, beliefs about global warming appear to be only tangentially related to religious beliefs. And on the issue of homosexuality — where a scientific consensus has yet to form and where significant cultural traditions may continue to influence individual attitudes — religious beliefs are strongly related to opinions, although even the non-religious are conflicted. To be sure, there are other potential arenas of conflict between people of faith and scientists, over issues such as embryonic stem cell research, cloning, end-of-life decisions and genetic testing.

But these disputes are different because they usually do not concern questions of fact, as do the debates over evolution and homosexuality, and instead involve purely moral and ethical questions.

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In addition, it is important to remember that religious beliefs are not the only sources of conflict with science. For instance, polls routinely show that large numbers of Americans believe in supernatural phenomena, such as astrology and telekinesis, in spite of the fact that scientists routinely contend that there is no evidence to support the validity of any of these claims. More generally, one can also point to numerous examples where personal or ideological biases lead people to reject strong factual evidence that conflicts with their opinions: the case of WMDs in Iraq, the guilt or innocence of Duke University lacrosse players vs.

Simpson was guilty of murder in the eyes of blacks and whites among the public. There also are areas that one day could become the source of a factual dispute between scientists and some religious Americans. For instance, some scientists publicly claim that the most recent research on the human brain shows that it and it alone is the seat of consciousness and personhood and that this evidence disproves the existence of a soul or spirit.

If this idea were to become widely accepted by scientists, it could, and indeed probably would, prove to be another area of conflict between religion and science. Finally, the relationship between religion and views of science should be of interest not just to scientists and social scientists concerned with public opinion research, but to policy makers as well.

Public opinion has significant impact upon the making of public policy and commonly held perceptions about particular scientific findings could help determine the eventual shape of laws and other policies for issues such as same sex marriage or climate change. Read the paper at pewresearch. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Evolution In the last century, the most persistent and sharpest clash between religion and science in the United States has centered on the issue of evolution. Homosexuality Unlike evolution, no scientific consensus exists on the causes of homosexuality — or at least no consensus that has been broadly disseminated.

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Global Warming Religious differences are considerably less significant on another controversial issue, global warming. Other and Future Conflicts Are religion and science on a collision course in the U.

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Photo credit: iStockphoto. Related Publications Sep 17, Interactives Nov 20, Publications Nov 20, Publications Aug 8, Uncategorized Jun 30, Here we will begin to approach the emphasis placed on the arc of development symbolized by the nodes of the Moon by exploring the nature and function of Planets conjunct the nodal axis of the Moon.

Natal Planets

We will differentiate between the nature of the personal planets Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars with the transpersonal planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto as well as the planetary factors that bridge between the two Sun, Jupiter, Saturn. Here we introduce the importance of the rulers of the nodes of the moon. The emphasis their placement can make on the expression of the operation of the nodes of the Moon.

Here the entire day will be utilized expressing the importance of planets squaring the nodes of the Moon. The potential meaning of each planet square the nodes will be explored as well as numerous example charts illustrating their power.

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Planets square the nodes of the Moon can be seen to represent unresolved evolutionary intentions or purpose. This sense of lack of resolution can see them representing qualities in the individuals life that are crucial to return to full awareness to allow maximal personal growth.

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On the last day we will bring together all the factors we have learned in the rest of the seminar to see how an entire method arises from our understanding of the way the nodes of the Moon express themselves within the natal chart. This method will be seen as technically simple but containing enormous psychological depth.