Virgo man and virgo woman horoscope

Virgos are prone to being cynical and pessimistic, and they often need their constant fretting to be balanced with a lighter touch. In combination, your negative notes could ruin the song you sing together. You both live an exciting intellectual life and in this respect, you are unlikely to ever get bored but this combination of Virgo on Virgo could go either way.

You could be wonderful life partners who share easy comfortable silences, or you could be could be constantly at war. The trick for Virgo man and Virgo woman together is being comfortable with yourself and cultivating a highly developed sense of humor. I just hope she sees it too and is ready for a relationship. This one is my soulmate legit. We have an understanding of one another and just so much love and respect. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Welcome to my blog about the Virgo man. Here is everything about love compatibility between Virgo man and Virgo woman: Chemistry You are both responsible, sensitive, intelligent, and you both take love very seriously but this relationship can become a power struggle in which there is no clear winner. Virgo Woman The stereotype of Virgo women is of a prudish, obsessive-compulsive librarian in sensible shoes but if you are the chaotic, messy Virgo who is more into books than bookshelves, you know that the stereotype is rubbish.

You are a subtle thinker and a great organizer who is keenly aware of the needs of others. With his firm, athletic body, he can hold you in a way that makes you feel completely safe. He loves to be there, comforting and shepherding you through the grieving process, holding your hair back as you puke up your soul. The damsel in distress always falls for the noble knight.

6 Reasons Why A Virgo Man And Virgo Woman Are Perfectly Compatible

He never promised you Happily Ever After just because he picked you up on a white horse. They were incredibly friendly—almost too eager and forthcoming, raising brows among us.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Within five minutes, we heard all about her breast implants, her difficult pregnancy, and her strident efforts to regain her anorexic, pre-baby figure. It became clear she was either drunk or on the verge of a nervous breakdown. When the drunk, emotionally fragile Aquarius teetered off to the smoking lounge in her seven-inch Loubitons, clutching a crystal-embellished phone to her ear, the Virgo man leaned in conspiratorially.

She had a baby a year ago and fell into some really bad postpartum depression. How could a sign as preachy and puritanical as Virgo be so shamelessly unethical?

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Then we woke up and smelled the smoke signals. A woman advertising online for an affair is either a horny, b bored, or c ding ding ding! No head games, no tit for tat. The only problem I could think of is that we both think way too much.

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Which prevents us from acting upon how we really feel but we have really good communication so in the end we nip issues in the butt before they really even become issues. He is always open to talk about any and everything as am I. When I talk he listens and actually hears what I have to say. We are ten years apart. He is 36 and I am We are both very critical of each other and he will definately call me out and likewise for me. He has a strong personality and so do I and we both have thick skin. Very Blunt. The last guy I was with hated to do anything family related at all…So i love the fact that he is all about family especially since I have two very small children who are my entire world.

He is a gorgeous man honestly… One thing that does frustrate me a little bit is that he does take very slow steps…and sometimes I feel like he is cautious to get too too close to me because he is afraid that I will hurt him. Good Luck Love Bugs.

Virgo compatibility table

Iam a Virgo woman just started talking to a Virgo man for the first time. Iam not sure if he is the one Iam looking for love my soul mate someone I can have my first child with. He is insecure, nothing to do with Virgo. His personality has formed that way due to his family background, lack of education, friends and so on. I am a Virgo women. Right when I get over him he comes back into my life. I try so hard to gorget about him but no one can have the same type of conversations he can.

He told me he loved me then disappears with in 3 days. Thing isI need more affection then he is wwilling to give.

I am a Virgo women involved with a Virgo man. He is my best friend. He prefers spending our time alone together. He is not over weight but is so critical of himself. I love to eat and I used to get offended because people would ask why I was so skinny.

I gained 15 and actually look healthy finally. They know nothing of me.

Virgo Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility | catitchmertcopo.ml

Lives alone. Only recently did he start spending the night at my home. I have 2 children. He is a wonderful cook. My home is noisy full of activity. I love dancing with my daughter or listening to my son tell me about stories of school or girls. We are not sure if he really likes us at times.


He thinks we are all crazy and retreats to my bedroom after dinner where I bought a flat screen smart TV with every channel for him to retreat to. For being so serious he loves futurama. He makes enough to provide if we lived together but instead pays twice as much for an apartment than I pay for a Sq foot house. He spends half his income on rent. If we lived together we could have a very comfortable life. This seems so impractical to me. With all that said he gets me so well. I also love to snuggle and he snuggles me all night.

Summary of Virgo compatibility

Thing is I like me. I love him unconditionally. Virgo men and Virgo women relationships are a hit or miss. Several years ago I used to work as a receptionist at a hair salon and I overheard a stylist who was a Virgo woman and her customers, some who were also Virgos and other signs unanimously gave reasons for not wanting to date a Virgo man. Moody, arrogant, liars, moochers, cheap, know-it-alls, selfish, egotistical, users, players and stubborn.

Even a close girlfriend of mine whose a Scorpio said the same thing about a former boyfriend who was a Virgo. As an exception, a male friend of mine and his wife are Virgos and they seem to be doing fine. I guess whatever is in their natal charts are agreeable. I wish them well in their life together. We enjoy each others company get along blissfully.